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How we can help you with online sales

The significance of online sales for medium-sized businesses is ever increasing. Whether it’s selling goods to end customers (B2B), or trade between businesses (B2B). Dealers and manufacturing companies can no longer do without an online shop.

We learnt e-commerce from scratch, so we can support you with a wide range of challenges. Particularly when it comes to integrating online shops into complex IT landscapes and online sales channels, which you can find in multi-level sales, especially in wholesale and specialist retailers

Your problems are our challenges

Our solutions for your tasks in online sales

Do you want to establish an online shop as a new sales channel?

It’s your choice: either develop your own shop or get started with a cost-effective online shop based on a standard software in a clear time frame. Making the right decision can often be difficult. Would an in-house development be the best solution, or would using a standard software from Intershop, SAP Hybris or OXID be a better alternative? We will assist you in selecting, designing and implementing a standard software package that suits your business and best meets your requirements.

We evaluate your requirements in relation to a standard solution in a GAP analysis carried out beforehand, so you can focus on the most important things. We will also support you in driving the project from start to finish, implementing your requirements, and launching your online shop. Our expertise is available to you, even after your project has been successfully launched. Be it for professionally operating your applications, or for continually developing them

Would you like to digitise the processes in your multi-level sales channel and therefore intend to offer your sales partners products, services and spare parts for sale in an online shop?

In a multi-level sales channel, it’s particularly important to provide the dealers involved with up-to-date information and services quickly. However, as part of these sales structures, the easiest formats such as Excel lists are used to compile product information, to maintain it and provide it to actors involved in the sales process

Against the backdrop of rising competition, particularly as a result of increasing globalisation, it will be necessary for manufacturers and dealers to digitise their own sales processes. In this regard, the main focus should also be on centralised product data capture, maintenance and distribution, alongside online sales.

We can help you with this too. We will advise you as to which PIM (Product Information Management) or online shop system will suit your products and sales processes. Based on your requirements, we will plan a tailor-made project, which we will implement with your team using the agile method. Alongside setting up your system, we will support you in transferring your existing product data, adapt it to the requirements of your new sales processes and take care of the essentials to put it into operation.

A Product Information Management System will provide a solid basis for your product data and thus is the foundation of also being able to offer goods from your spare parts catalogue for sale online. Using our many years of experience that also include this particular area, we will be able to provide you with a network of systems and functionalities that you will be able to compete with in the future.

Are you a manufacturer or dealer and you sell your products using multi-level sales? You have an e-commerce system and want to provide your dealers with their own online shop. In doing so, you would like to focus on your existing e-commerce processes to make use of synergies and shorten time-to-market.

A white label shop is a suitable solution for you. This will allow you to provide your sales partners with their own online shop, using your existing online shop functions and established e-commerce processes. Irrespective of the market to be served and the products to be sold, there are usually enhancements to the dispatch functions, payment types and the product range to be performed. In doing so, a large portion of required work will be carried out using configuration with a suitable standard software package such as Intershop Commerce Suite.

We will be happy to help, even when it comes to identifying the work required, implementing any adjustments to functions or interfaces to individual third-party systems that may be needed, and when rolling out the new clients for your e-commerce system. You can ultimately decide how quickly your online business should growth in the rollout’s chronological order.

Do you also want to kick-start your online shop in other countries?

Tapping into new markets means increasing your turnover. But what do you need to be mindful of when online sales are set to be expanded to other countries? Are texts and product details available in the respective national language? What currency are the goods offered in? Are the payment methods specific to the country available in the shop? Are the appropriate price lists recorded in the shop? Does an address validation system need to be connected?

An international shop roll-out poses a series of questions and tasks. Using our experience, we will help you to adapt e-commerce processes and make the required enhancements to the architecture and functions of your online shop. In numerous projects, our experts have developed successful solutions to bring the online sales of medium-sized companies internationally to the start. We are happy to convince you too.

Is your online shop reaching its limit and do you therefore want to re-design and expand it so it’s fit for the future?

Do you have an established online shop, and are you reaching the limit of its technical capabilities? You are aware that you will have to rely on a relaunch, new technologies, functionalities and optimised process for your online shop to stay competitive. You also have various options here where we put our expertise to good use. So we can examine your existing shop under the microscope and examine which improvements are necessary and cost-effective. On request, we can also advise you with the involvement of our partner of the Effisma group with regard to the further development of your e-commerce strategy.

Thus, we could examine your existing shop and check which improvement are required and feasible. If a technological change proves to be advantageous, we will advise you in the decision-making process, i.e. whether an in-house development using microservices would be realistic or using a new standard shop solution for your purposes would be beneficial. During selection, we put our trust in tried-and-tested e-commerce systems, such as Intershop Commerce Suite, SAP Hybris or OXID E-Commerce Platform. If the decision has been made, we make sure that the shop and data migration has been planned, specified, implemented and rolled out for your new e-commerce application.

Our support for your success

Our services for your project

Our Experts in Motion team have many years of experience in software development for e-commerce. We take control of projects from start to finish, whether they are agile or classic. We resolve outstanding tasks and bring the project to a successful conclusion, together with our clients.

We would also be happy to support you with your project proposal. See our range of services for yourself.

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Our software solutions

The right technology for your application.


E-Commerce as a Service based on Intershop Commerce Suite 7
The Intershop Commerce Suite (ICS) is a worldwide proven e-commerce platform, with which you can stage your brands successfully online, open up new customer groups, sales channels and markets nationally or internationally and digitize sales processes holistically.

SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris / SAP Commerce Cloud with SAP Hybris Product Content Management (PCM) and Web Content Management (WCMS)
With the Commerce Cloud, SAP provides a feature rich omnichannel commerce platform that sells products to end users and businesses online. Through all sales channels, the standard software offers users a uniform sales experience as well as the opportunity to find the products they are looking for in a very short time using personalized search and merchandising.

Oxid eSales

OXID eSales E-Commerce-Plattform
With the OXID eSales platform, medium-sized companies have access to standard software for online trading, which brings appropriate solutions for the respective business model (B2X) as well as for the integration of leading ERP solutions out of the box.

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