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Product Information Management - PIM

How we can help you with product information management

Product information is becoming more and more important for consumers and companies nowadays to make a decision on selecting a suitable product when required. It’s also top of the list in online trade, as in this case, you can look for an alternative item in seconds and compare them both instantly. Therefore, the particular challenge for retailers is to have meaningful product information available at all times, and to keep it up-to-date. In the case of international sales, there is also the task of having all product information available in the relevant nation languages.

But how do you keep your product data correct and efficient these days? The Excel table is still the medium of choice for many businesses, even if it’s time-consuming and outdated.

Your problems are our challenges

Our solutions for your tasks in creating and maintaining your product information

Are you one of those people who still work with a wide range of Excel tables or other elaborate formats to manage your product information? Therefore, are you looking for a streamlined and efficient solution to manage and maintain it centrally?

We’ll be happy to help! With the Product Information Management System (PIM) from our partner Akeneo. This streamlined and intuitive Open Source solution will help you to centralise and optimise all marketing-relevant and technical information about your products. We will show you personally the options that are available to you on our site in relation to selecting and using an Akeneo PIM system.

If you want to rely on an Akeneo PIM in future, we will support you in installing and setting up the system, and will integrate it into your system landscape. We can also advise and support you in transferring your existing product data. Together with akeneo, we will put you in a position to manage your products centrally to make them fit for the future for whatever is needed.

As part of the digital strategy, you have decided to use a Product Information Management system in the future to manage your product data centrally. Are you looking for professional support to do this?

We will be happy to help, and will assist you in selecting and setting up a PIM system, integrating it into your system landscape and migrating your existing product data to the new system.

Based on your individual requirements, we will specify and implement the required interfaces to allow them to be connected to your specific systems such as your ERP, online shop, or other potential output channels for your product data. After a detailed test together, you can get then get started with your new product management solution, while being prepared for what the future may bring.

Do you also sell your products in other countries and are you looking for a solution to translate this product information that transmits existing data to a translation agency in an automated process, or in a translation system?

In us, you have found the experts who can help you create the right interfaces. In line with your requirements, we will analyse the required processes, specify the interfaces and connect them to the respective translation systems.

These interfaces enabled you to locate new product information as quickly as possible, to translate these into the required national languages. With the automation of data transmission to their service providers, they also accelerate their processes of deriving product data into the appropriate channels. New products will get you to market faster.

Our support for your success

Our services for your project

Our Experts in Motion team have many years of experience in software development for e-commerce. We take control of projects from start to finish, whether they are agile or classic. We resolve outstanding tasks and bring the project to a successful conclusion, together with our clients.

We would also be happy to support you with your project proposal. See our range of services for yourself.

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Our software solutions

The right technology for your application.


E-Commerce as a Service based on Intershop Commerce Suite 7
The Intershop Commerce Suite (ICS) is a worldwide proven e-commerce platform, with which you can stage your brands successfully online, open up new customer groups, sales channels and markets nationally or internationally and digitize sales processes holistically.

SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris / SAP Commerce Cloud with SAP Hybris Product Content Management (PCM) and Web Content Management (WCMS)
With the Commerce Cloud, SAP provides a feature rich omnichannel commerce platform that sells products to end users and businesses online. Through all sales channels, the standard software offers users a uniform sales experience as well as the opportunity to find the products they are looking for in a very short time using personalized search and merchandising.


Akeneo Product­information­management System
With the Akeneo-PIM, product data and information can be centrally managed efficiently and made available for a wide variety of output channels, such as the online shop, ERP system or print catalog.


eggheads Produkt Information Management System
eggheads Produkt Information Management System (PIM)

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