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e-commerce consultancy for Merck

Merck - Intershop Commerce Suite

Experts in Motion advise Merck on all issues relating to Intershop Commerce Suite

XiM consultancy in the Merck KGaA web enhancement project

For several years now, Experts in Motion has been supporting Merck KGaA in Darmstadt with their Web Enhancement Project (WEP), providing them with professional consultancy on any issues relating to operating and enhancing the Intershop Commerce Suite currently in use.

Our team of experts, consisting of an experienced Enterprise Solution architect and Java developers were on-hand to assist the Merck team, advising on various challenging tasks.

  • Functional enhancements of the Merck e-commerce enterprise system
  • Requirement analyses
  • Business Support
  • Developer Support
  • Second Level Support

Our client - Merck KGaA

Merck KGaA is one of the leading science and technology companies in the Healthcare, Life Sciences and Performance Materials sectors. The corporate head office of the Merck Group is in Darmstadt.


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